What Your Editor Does



What Your Editor Does is an informative article describing what you can expect from your editor.  It provides an overview of the editing plan and process and what you may expect.

Naturally, the aim of your Editor is to make your book as best as it can be in readiness for submission to your proposed Agent or Publisher.

Editing is not a simple run thorough of your manuscript and correction of spelling, grammar and punk-shu- ation.  In fact, the editing process is highly structured, lengthy and provides a complete examination.

Editing is performed by your Editor.

Editing of your valuable, intellect and creative efforts is not undertaken by one person.

You are involved in editing almost as much as your Editor as you both work collaboratively to make your book the ‘best ever’ and best it can be.

The First Stage

The first stage is best conducted over a coffee in a comfortable environment where your Editor will explain the process.

The process is a mutual collaboration between you, the writer and she/he, the Editor.

Your Editor, once the basics have been established, your Editor will describing their method and process they will be following.

Following, your Editor will inform you upon their experience and expertise etc. if not already done so.


Your Editoretc as well as advising you on copyright, (if you have used any quotes, or other media who’s ownership is held by others. determine the language (English – English or American English) etc. as well as determining many other things.