Ugly is Non-Existent

Of Appearances: Ugliness does not exist.

Lao Tsu, the ‘Wisdom of the Tao‘ philosopher said that in our world, there are 10,000 things.  Regardless how many things, all things and their components have been, are and will continue to be beautiful since the beginning of the cosmos and thereafter.

From the viewpoint of the creationist, evolutionist, big-bangist or whatever theory we believe on the origin of our universe, life as we know it came from somewhere. That somewhere, whether it was a an atom, neutron, proton electron, sub-atomic particle or a quark, then became matter. Whether that matter be dark, gray, black or pink formed from matter-less energy, it is totally unrealistic that the source or creator, through science or whatever, would make something ugly.

Human intellect nor language as we understand it, was not in existence at the time of creation. A super-intelligent creator or source was not human. So, there was no such thing as intellectual concepts let alone ugly or beautiful.

From a human perspective, language, tautology and ideology did not exist at the beginning of what we consider as ‘life’ simply because, humans did not exist. Therefore, at the time of pre-human existence in science and nature ‘ugly’ did not exist either.

After the appearance of humans during the continual evolutionary process, intellectual properties facilitated the evaluation of senses and emotional feelings developed in humans. Following, the minds of those early humans were capable of an early form of logic and the concept of ugly and beautiful formed.

Many times over it has been said that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ meaning, a picture can be seen differently from one person to the next, it is subjective to individual personal likes and dislikes.

If some people do not see beauty, this does not mean that ‘something’ is viewed as anything less than desirable. Sure, something may not be our personal taste although it could be viewed favourably to others. Perhaps it could be viewed as not ‘as beautiful’ as the other but it is definitely not ugly.

In Taoism and other philosophies there are dichotomies or, opposites such as Ying and Yang, but I see one exception. That exception is ugly and beautiful. I argue that in various interpretations of faith or religious texts it states that when the world was created, all was beautiful. Therefore, nothing ugly was created and ugly and beautiful can not be in opposition.

In our enlightened world, we know there are opposites. Black being opposite to white, hot cold, happy sad, energetic tired, asleep awake, dead alive, flat round, fat skinny, wet dry etc. All are opposites. However, when considering these terms, they are used to describe, (black, white etc.), reflect human conditions (happy, sad etc.) or natural situations (dead, alive etc.) and ugly and beautiful are neither human conditions nor natural situations however, it can subjectively be descriptive.

I believe the terms ugly and beautiful are often used to evaluate, criticise, judge and measure against each other and this judging or measuring is neither encouraging nor helpful as often they are attempts to discredit, destroy, damage or hurt an individual in some way.

You may be thinking, ‘Ah ha…but what if you are performing a critique?’

Well my friends, as I mentioned in a recent article ‘Criticism and Schism’ a ‘Critique’ is used to perform an evaluation of material in a scientific manner. Thus, only hard data and statistics is used, not judgemental terms such as ‘ugly’ and ‘beautiful’.

Not everything has an opposite. After lengthy consideration, the only thing I can think of without an opposite is the source or creator of our universe. Is the opposite of the creator being a ‘de-creator’, ‘non-source’ or a ‘non-god’? No, they simply do not exist.  In that case, I pontificate that it is unnecessary to have a negative word exist that does not promote positivity and that word is ‘ugly’Ugly does not exist.

I believe what others consider as ugly can indeed, in varying degrees, be beautiful. Although there may be varying degrees of beauty, as I wrote in another article ‘Three Windows’ the picture one views changes according to its environment and the viewer.

How we view things can deliberately be altered allow the viewer to see things differently. If we change the way we view things, those things will change to fit our mental and perhaps our cultural perceptions. Thus, we may see things in a different light or viewpoint.

Wayne Dyer said ‘When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.’ If you examine things and see them as beautiful, so they will be. What you think and feel will Be, your mind is in control and can influence outcomes.

Below, for your piscatorial pleasure are some photos of fish. What are you feelings as you view them? Do you see beauty? Alternatively, from the perspective of other fish of the same species, do you think they would consider these fish to be beautiful? As I say, view them from a different perspective and seriously consider, are these fish ugly or beautiful in their own way?

Figure 1.ugly fish

I see this fish with a human face that appears sad. Perhaps the fish is considering the inevitability of never seeing home again. I see kindness and softness. I feel warmth and compassion for this fish. I see no ugliness, I see beauty.

Figure 2.ugly fish 2

I see this fish displaying the human quality of unhappiness while also looking aggravated. There is anger in the eyes and my human thoughts of him thinking, ‘Ok, I’ve had enough, don’t mess with me anymore!’ Again, I do not see ugliness.

Figure 3.

ungly fish 3

Oh at times it can be such a struggle getting out of the pool! I am unsure if this is a fish or amphibian.  Perhaps it is a fish on steroids preparing for the Fisholympics, or should that be the Amphibolympics? However, credit must be given for the effort getting that body out of the pool. This fish is exactly how it was designed to be.

All of the three photos above exhibit the fish exactly how they were meant to be. They all are very different yet beautiful in their own various ways and this is the same with all living things.


No matter what continent, country or culture we come from, our afflictions, behaviour, likes, loves, needs and desires, all of us are all how we are supposed to be as we continue along our evolutionary path. Guess what friends?  We are all beautiful.

We may be battered, old, worn out, pale or dark skinned, fat, thin, skinny legs, deaf, blonde, bald, short, tall, hairy or hairless, and have varying personalities. We might have one leg, two heads, no arms, blind, deaf, smart, silly, do stupid things, but, we are all beautiful. This is how we are, and will continue to be, absolutely beautiful.

The source or creator developed everything from nothing which formed into energy matter. Thus if something is formed from energy matter, our world was constructed with a perfect and immaculate design, all is beautiful.

In conclusion, ugly is non-existent because all living things were designed and made to be how they are. We came from nothing and turned into many different something/s and this adds to the beauty. It is how we are as humans are while our differences help to make our lives fuller and more interesting.

Again, to quote Wayne Dyer; ‘When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change’.

Everything is Everywhere, Everywhere is Beauty.

© V L. Verdeaux 2018, 2019.