Three Windows

What we see is not always the truth. Truth can be skewed.

Down the street there are three windows, transparent glass framed by timber or stone. The design of the windows may reflect the character of the owners, but what is behind the window?

The First Window

 new window 1


As you walk past the first house a noise, some action is drawing you nearer.

Glancing inside you see a tall, strong man standing over a woman. His body displays strong intent. He is firmly slapping the woman across the face again and again and again in quick succession.

He is angrily shouting words at her, words you do not understand. He takes a long instrument in his hand and stabs her. You see her being physically abused and the police should be called.

First Window – The Reality

 window skewed

Things are rarely exactly what they seem.

The man slapping the woman was his attempt to stop her from slipping into a diabetic coma before the ambulance arrives. The stabbing was his use of an insulin injection pen.

What may seem right or wrong can sometimes be very different.

Encourage your mind to avoid skewing reality.


 The Second Window  

window 3

The 16th – 18th century house is strong and built of stone. The front window is small and the room within appears dark and gloomy.

On a low stool a young man, bedraggled, dressed in ragged trousers with the cuffs hanging over dark battered and scuffed worn out shoes. He faces the window. He is draped in a striped shirt with the cuffs hanging around his wrists. He loosely holds a long bladed carving knife in his hand.

At first he is muttering. He is angry, frustrated and you hear various words and phrases that are both vitriolic and sarcastic.

“My bloody life is shit!  Christ, why on earth do I bother!”

“Christmas…joy oh bloody joy! My life festooned with joy? You’ve got to be bloody kiddin! The time of religious and family festive stuff and what do I have? No turkey, duck. No pork, not even a bloody bon bon! It’s all right for everyone else, but what about me, who cares about me? No one!”

He looks at the knife. With intent, the knife is slowly turned and the tip placed at his belly. As he bends forward he tightens his grip on the knife.

You are close to banging on the window to disrupt the impending action.


 Second Window – The Reality

window 4

The young man leans over to read from paper on the floor. You realise another person is in the room. Both men stand up and discuss the position of the knife, how to fall from the stool and whether the words in the script are accurate.

The young man is an actor rehearsing for a play.

Never assume what you view is indeed ‘what you are seeing’.

Life experience has many variables.

The Third Window

window 5

Two people, male and female shouting and stomping around with a lot of arm waving.  They are arguing about the water, the broken glass but mainly about the bodies lying dead on the floor.

The woman accuses the man and he accuses her.

“Yeah sure! And my Uncle Fred is my Aunt!” she yells. Hhe is furious about the death of George and Muriel. They talk about getting rid of the bodies and evidence.

There is no blood and the bodies are easy to get rid of as George and Muriel suffocated.

Third Window – The Reality

window 6

There was a large fish tank on a shelf which the large family dog accidentally knocked to the floor.

George and Muriel are goldfish.

Never accept the seemingly obvious without evidence and a thorough visual inspection and investigation.

So often in life, we think we understand what things are, and what is  happening.  We use our own experiences, information and knowledge to understand our world and events around us.  However, we all have different life experiences and learned knowledge which we use to make decisions.

However, in order to better understand what is happening in our lives and our world, look at things deeply from a different perspective as reality and understanding can become skewed.

V L.

©V L. Verdéaux 2013, 2019.