The God Committee


Once Upon a Time, in the nethermost of godly stupidity, four gods decided to form a God Committee. Their idea was to unite and share their efforts in creation.

Each of the four gods believed they were the most clever and smart. Secretly, each of them believed they were the best ever, all-knowing god.

However, their individual self-opinion and self-focus was detrimental to their aims on the God Committee.

This Is The Story

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In a remote galaxy system a new planet was forming.

Like Earth, the new planet held an orbit around it’s sun with a slow rotation on it’s axis.

The new planet held an atmosphere similar to planet Earth.

Following millions of evolutionary years the planet’s environment consisted of hydrogen and oxygen. In fact, an Earthly atmosphere.

The God Committee claimed this former rock, now planet as their own. As the God Committee lacked creative imagination, they used the name Earth and turned the letters backward. Hence, Planet Htrae.

The main differences between Earth and Htrae was that Earth was much larger and held more mountains, greenery and lush plants, animals and insect life because of abundant water.  In contrast, Htrae had none of these. From a distance Earth appeared blue and planet Htrae was brownish grey.

The gods, being concerned that Htrae had few plant and animal forms realised this had to be rectified. So, they concluded there was a need for running water.

They created four rivers.

Now, because the four gods were ego-centric and not very creative, they named the rivers after themselves. Henceforth, the four rivers were named: Anger, Hate, Revenge and Fear. The god Fear was the wimpy one of the group, never expressed an opinion firm or otherwise, had no ideas nor contributed much.

When the rivers began flowing the God Committee did not understand why the rivers were exhibiting the behaviours of anger, hate, revenge and fear. The God Committee failed to realise the rivers were behaving how the four gods behave, that is, each one singularly being angry, hateful, revengeful and, fearful.

And, like the four gods, each river acted according to their individual will.

River Anger violently bashed, thrashed and abused.

River Hate sneeringly displayed excessive dislike and demeaned all.

River Revenge angrily raged, abused, falsely accused and got back at those who had supposedly wronged.

River Fear timidly dribbled downstream frightened of everything in its path.

Towards the end of the rivers’ journey, they merged as a raging torrent with each trying to dominate the others, except for River Fear who, being overcome by the others, adopted an ‘oh whatever’ attitude and flowed with lassitude over the bedrock.

The raging violent melee finally became a lake. Sadly, after the flow of Anger, Hate, Revenge and Fear, the lake became toxic, dismal and devoid of any nutrient rich life.

Thus, the God Committee failed to provide life forms on Htrae such as those on Earth.

Unfortunately, the God Committee in their stupidity of creating rivers based on themselves; anger, hate, revenge and fear, created a disastrous situation.

After all, are not anger, hate, revenge and fear related, connected and capable of poisoning that which is in proximity?

The God Committee could not foresee events, so much for being all-knowing gods.

Now, the God Committee considered themselves as the only gods in existence, they were the one the only, the originals. No others existed. This was onerous and very far from the truth.

Another god existed.

That god acted alone with no need for a committee.

This god had no gender, colour, physical features, language or anything.

There was no need. However, because humans identify things by names, this god is named ‘I Am’.

I Am was present only as a non-being, a non-entity.  I Am did not exist nor be non-existent in our human understanding. I Am simply…was, is and always would be.

I Am, is a name some humans consider is non-existent, a god of nothingness. And, because of ‘nothingness‘ I Am both does and does not exist.

Because I Am does and does not exist, I Am has no emotions nor other human traits and therefore, no ego.

In contrast to the God Committee, in human terms, I Am is a god of love.

I Am created a river where no other rivers or lake existed.

For human purposes, the name of the new waterway is the River of I Am.

River I Am 2.jpg

The River of I Am peacefully, calmly flowed into another lake on planet Htrae and the lake teemed with life such as grasses, worms, insects, crustacean, fish and many plants.

One side of planet Htrae was experiencing death throes and the other side was peaceful, alive, and held richness of life.

The God committee was distressed that rivers Anger, Hate, Revenge and Fear were so destructive that the waters had became toxic. The toxic waters flowed into their lake and because the toxicity was high, the lake slowly died and this affected the climate and plants in the area and plants died and following, the four rivers also died.  The God Committee did not understand why.

The River of I Am and the lake into which I Am’s waters flowed, continued to remain clean, fresh and healthy.

I Am, observed all, instead of being self-focused like the God Committee.

I Am, being wise, could see the toxicity of Rivers Anger, Hate, Revenge and Fear poisoning all living things within the proximity of the lake of these rivers.

I Am knew in time, the toxicity of the God Committee river water may reach the River of I Am.

I Am had created the only clean pure water, rivers and lake on planet Htrae and wisely knew that love is needed for survival and growth.

Negatives such anger, hate, revenge and fear can be overcome by love, although at times, without much patience and kindness. Toxicity can leach and poison everything.

The God Committee may have recognised their error, but let us not leave everything up to the gods.

With the riddance of our ego-centric self, doing our best, being self-reliant and not trusting some intangible omnipresence to correct errors in our world, we can ensure the deterrence of toxicity in our lives and our planet.

God or gods may or may not exist however whatever we consider gods to be or not to be, it is folly to see them in our own image, because being a seemingly ethereal existent or non-existent entity, they are not human nor do they consist of human emotions.

Take more personal control over anger, hate, revenge and fear.

Be wary of being a part of any ‘God’ Committee as we must stand on our own feet.

Not all Gods or other committees really understand what they are doing when they hold their own interests above others.

Human life is short, we must refuse to be poisoned by Anger, Hate, Revenge and Fear and, we must look after the River I Am.

V L.


Two planets –

Stream – V L. Verdéaux 

©V L. Verdéaux 2017, 2019