The Big Pineapple

Once upon a time in Fruitland.

In the Nation of Fruitland the highest position was the Big Pineapple, the title given to their national leader.

The Big Pineapple, knowing he/she held the solidarity of compatriots, citizenry and other fruits of the nation, was supposed to be a great leader. The current Big Pineapple was colourful, healthy to the core, and sweet but could also be prickly if needed. This Big Pineapple did a good job. However in Fruitland, to be fair to everyone, national leaders have to stand down after four years.

This meant, the position of being the Big Pineapple was available to whomever the citizenry, or Fruities as they are called, chose as their leader.  The abilities for being the Big Pineapple were an even temperament, ability to get on with others, able to manage the national economy in which all fruits equally worked and were paid, health care, safety, provided with security and naturally, democratic rights. A substantial component of being the Big Pineapple was being able to work and effectively communicate for peace whilst being cohesive with other nations.

The position was not one for liars, demi-fruits nor business fruits who had their own interests at heart instead of Fruitland, their great nation.

The time had come for Fruities to decide who they wanted to be the Big Pineapple and live in The Big Fruit Bowl.

The finalists in the running to become the Nation’s Chief Executive, i.e. the Big Pineapple, were Banana and Melons.  Although Melons is plural, it is one entity.

So, there were two contestants.


Banana believed he was the best ever Fruitie to become the National Leader, the Chief Executive and take the Big Pineapple position, however, ego was in the way. Banana, like many other bananas, thought it was the biggest, longest, thickest and able to give the most to the Fruities. However, some Fruities thought Banana should be skinned.


Melons, also believed she was the best ever Fruitie to become the National Leader, the Chief Executive and wear the mantle of the Big Pineapple because of past experience working in the Big Fruit Bowl where she had met, managed and successfully negotiated with representatives of many other nations.

On the other hand, some thought Melons biggest fault was the difficulty in being able to communicate in a personal and believable way. At times Melons appeared thin skinned and sometimes mushy inside as well as appearing to provide misleading information.

Melons had another negative issue based on honesty or openness or lack thereof. Melons had been accused of causing many deaths in another far away nation.

Following, many Fruities lost the Melons flavour.

Now, the Fruity citizens had to choose a leader, was it to be Banana or Melons?

The biggest and most well known faults of Banana was the propensity to blame others. He was a braggart, not able to focus or stay ‘on message’ or be truthful. Banana,as many bananas, was thick and unable to develop any valid sensible plans or strategies for Fruitland citizens work, health care, security and, democracy. In fact, Banana in wanting to make the nation greater than before, was in conflict as some, perhaps most Fruities thought their nation has always been great, even now.

The battle between Banana and Melons was troublesome.

Finding the taste of Banana and Melons unpalatable, some Fruities were not in favour of either as both did not hold the qualities to become the Big Pineapple and live in the Big Fruit Bowl. Consequently, there are a number of Fruities who would not be voting at all.

Here’s the thing.

If a number of Fruities fail to vote, they are throwing their vote and democratic rights away. Afterwards, they well may regret not having had a say in who becomes the Big Pineapple.

Additionally, if some Fruities do not vote, it will be another four years before they have another opportunity to say who runs Fruitland. Non-voters are cheating themselves.

Alternately, if the majority of votes go to Melons who then obtains the Big Pineapple position and does a good job, the Fruitie voter who selected Melons will feel pleased with their selection and happy they made a contribution to their nation.

Obviously if Melons does a lousy job, the elected Big Pineapple will not last long.

These are the facts whether Banana or Melons is elected.

The power is in the democratic hands of the voting Fruities.

Once, I was in a Fruitie position, I strongly disliked both competitors running for office. 

I did not vote and I regretted if for many years. I felt I cheated myself. Others had a say and I had nothing to contribute to the conversation, pleased for, or whinge about, because I had no rights as I had thrown my democratic rights away. Ever since then, I always ensured I voted.

The Big Pineapple role is comprised of many people and positions, if Banana or Melons attains their goal and they perform badly, there are many in the general populous who may deter or stop the stupidity of the Big Pineapple regardless of who it is.  One may be the Big Pineapple, but, the Law and Courts hold the paring knife.

In conclusion

Many smarter or sensible Fruities wanted to vote for someone although they felt both Banana and Melons were not good enough to be the Big Pineapple and live in the Big Fruit Bowl.

Those smarter Fruities extracted or discounted their feelings for the two competitors and instead, made their decision by looking at the issues at stake in Fruitland.

Although those smarter Fruities were distrustful of promises made by Banana and Melons, those Fruities who made their selection based on issues, felt they were making an informed decision and were pleased they did not cheat themselves out of their democratic rights to vote.

Enjoy your Democracy.

V L.

©V L. Verdéaux 2017, 2019.