Power of the Written Word

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This article is an expression of my thoughts on the power of writing.





I see writing as consisting of three elements which work in tandem to produce something to read and think about.

Firstly, I see writing as being an expression of an idea generated from the mind.

Secondly, I see writing as being the physical action of using words expressed whilst inputting the tone or colour of the piece being written.

Thirdly, the most important thing is that in writing, the writer or author holds the focus on a particular thought or idea based on personally obtained experiences or knowledge.

I am more successful in using my own life experiences rather than those imagined.  After all, I have lived my life and am cognisant and able to convey my experiences with more clarity and depth of feeling based on my own heart and memories.

If a writer did not produces a fictional work based on their experiences, the demographic or society in which they live or have lived as well as emotions, attitudes  and opinions, there would not be such a vast array of articles to read in books, newspapers or online such as web sites or blogs as there are now.

Whether one writes about a life lived or imagined, the writer drawing upon personal knowledge, experience and intellectual capacities then humans will  learn so much more and become more informed, educated and a less violent society.

Every human has a voice and expression of ideas being different in their subject matter and context.  Every individual writer expresses themselves differently.  That they do is of immense value.

Unless we openly and honestly express ourselves and  remain educated we are not able to inform or educate despots that education is necessary for all nations to enable progress to proceed towards a democratic society free of fear.

If children are not educated they will continue to be ruled by the power of the gun and fear.  Following, murder, rape, mutilation and kidnapping of children for the express purpose of vicious personal gain will continue to occur.

As long as nations allow thugs and murders to remain, the more that nation will continue to slip further into poverty whether financial, intellectual, psychologically or otherwise.


Using Words Wisely

The power a writer holds at their fingertips, in their hearts or brain is unlimited and far reaching.

We may write for pleasure, we may write because we have to, but if we all write something that in it’s own small way makes someone think, consider and perhaps be motivated to write something as well, the message stick will be passed around and we will have the power to change the past and effect future change and future history.

Holding the power in your hands or fingertips as they float over those small black keys gives you, the individual, the writer, the capacity to use tools of modern communication. Those tools, accompanied by your intellect, help wipe out fanatics who steal, murder, put into slavery, rape, use for personal pleasure, sell for prostitution, or mutilate for fun, children, girls and boys.  All those children want and need is an education and a good life and future for themselves.

We as writers have the capacity to make our feelings heard and put forward logical arguments to encourage governments and neighbour countries to join forces to wipe out ignorant, murderous, animalistic, child murdering, child raping bastards in the world who purport Allah told them to inflict atrocities.

What utter bovine excreta that is!

Let the bovine excreta impact with the oscillator I say!

Put your fingers to work, write something with intent that informs on the power of information and education whilst showing how stupid are those that rule using violence. If this is done, the message has more hope of success if it is done without offending any race, religion, faith or personal or political beliefs.

Objectivity is the name of the game.

For Humanity.

V L.


© V L Verdeaux 2017