Natural Elements – Earth


Earth is the second in the series on the four natural elements of Fire, Earth, Wind and Water.

What do we mean by the word ‘Earth’?  Do we mean planet Earth or the earth in which we plant our flowers and veggies?

Perhaps we mean the language we speak such as ‘she is earthy’, ‘the salt of the earth’, ‘what on earth are you talking about’, ‘where the earth is he?’,  or maybe being an ‘earth mother’, coming down to earth’ or even ‘Mars, this is Earth calling, are you receiving me? Over.

In this article, the use of the word ‘Earth’ has two themes. The first is planet Earth and the second is the earth, or soil we walk upon and sow plants.

As with the first element of Fire, earth has many uses besides being used in our common language vernacular to refer to people and other animals and their behaviour.  In line with the previous article on Natural Elements – Fire, Earth is a brief description of what earth is and does. It demonstrates how we can use the same natural earth behaviour to adapt our human behaviour to improve our life, health and well-being.

But first, let’s hark back to Fire and volcanoes. Magma is forced above ground and becomes Lava, same stuff, different name. Lava hardens into rocks that finally fall apart and becomes soil, or earth.

On the surface of our planet, rocks are slowly pressured by winds and minuscule pieces of grit are loosened and spread across the land. Following, those individual pieces of grit may end up helping to form deserts, mountains and even make a contribution to the floor of lakes and oceans.


Nothing is Permanent – Everything Changes

Change happens naturally as nature intends. Everything adapts to constant change which is often driven by other factors.  For example, the aforementioned grit is blown from a rock, it may land in a lake. The lake dries up, sand dunes form, deserts form and towns are covered over.  In effect, a rock has vanished or, changed form. It only takes one small change to have a domino effect. Land or undersea earthquakes happen regularly.

Each time there is even a small tremor the earth moves. Our planet is in a constant state of change. We know that continents, islands and lands on our planet are not at the same location they were millions of years ago. Think about this, where would the American, African, Australian, the Arctic and Antarctic continents be and what physical condition would they be if they had not moved and rolled with the natural flow and movements of the Earth?  Would they be at the bottom of the ocean, or perhaps be covered by other land masses because they did not move whilst other natural cataclysmic events overtook them? However, the continents and land masses rolled with the flow.

Whether it was because of volcanic eruption, earthquakes or whatever, they simply allowed nature to form them into whatever and wherever they are supposed to be.
Not only is our planet in a state of change but the whole universe is as well because it is continually expanding.  Everything is constantly on the move whether it be in sub-atomic form or much larger.  In billions of years, the geographic map of our planet will be unrecognisable because of these constant changes regardless of the size.

We humans are constructed of the same stuff as the rest of the planet, water, minerals, chemicals and, neutrons, protons and electrons. Therefore, as our planet, our individual human lives continue and very slowly, we change. Wrinkles appear, our body shape alters, our hair turns grey and we shrink.  Even our mental attitudes alter. These things will happen as surely as the earth is in a constant state of change as well. This is how life is, ever changing.

So what does this mean to you?

Because everything is in a state of change, the trick to survival is physical and mental adaptability. If we take heed from our planet and nature, there will be less of a battle for our personal psychological health if we do as nature does and adapt to change and let things happen, naturally.

Forget the dramas of last year’s holiday celebratory period, snow, ice, traffic, flights grounded, accidents, deaths, family arguments, disappointments with gifts, food ‘not quite right’  etc.  Accept it, forget it and move on. All things will be different tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. I guarantee it. Why? Because like our planet and nature, people change. They change their minds, their likes and dislikes during a day far more often than they change their underwear.

Life without change can be so darned boring, would you like to live today exactly the same tomorrow, the day after, the day after that, and the day after that…again and again and again?  Look at the tree outside, the leaves are facing a different direction, look at the cat…another rich long whisker, look at the baby…the smile is becoming wider, look at the ocean, gosh wasn’t it a different shade a few minutes ago?

Look at the veggie patch soil, is it lighter than it was this morning?  Who put that ding in my car?  “Johnny! You used my car last! That ding was not there yesterday!”  “You want me to relish the change of shape to my car?” I hear you say. “Ok, but I would also relish the shape being changed again to how it was before you drove it”  (So sayeth Mum).

Take time to see things slowly change, enjoy it because in change, what you see now, you will never see again. Why? Because everything, absolutely everything in the universe is constantly changing!

In order to survive, we need to open our minds and become adaptable to anything that comes along or, remain stuck in the present.

Look at it this way, if nothing changed in us, our body would never die and we live forever with each day the same as today. Forever! Like, how many times can you wake up on the 9th December 2013 and live the same day over, for ever!  No way Jose!

Welcome change.  Love change, relish each and every moment, hour, day, week month and year being different! To welcome and adapt, this is how we learn, develop and grow. The added bonus is we increase our spirituality.

When the time comes and we depart this physical life and hopefully go elsewhere as a better person. There is change in that re-newness of life. Change is exciting!  Is it preferable to have an eternal life or an infernal life where everything stays the same? 

Enjoy each and every moment, every instant of your life. Adaptability, is the key. Be prepared to embrace change and be prepared to reap the rewards.

V L.

©V L. Verdéaux 2017