Hunter Gathering in the 21st Century

Life is like a supermarket, in a constant state of change.  Like life, many new and changing preferences become continually available. Choices of new products with tempting displays. As life, constant change continues, we must adapt for survival.

The tools of hunter-gathers centuries ago were spears, bows and arrows. The hunter had to quickly act or the game would bound away over the countryside never to be seen again.

In today’s civilised world, hunting and gathering tool s are the shopping trolley and the flat piece of plastic in our wallets.

With change and adaptation to our civilised modern world of hunter-gathering, let’s take the challenge and view the opportunities for ‘game’ in the local supermarket.

So, let’s see what’s on special, grab our trolley and tackle the shopping!


Ok, as is customary, we start at the fruit and veggies…mmm…look at that delicious celery!  It is on special at 75 cents a bunch!  Mmmmm…mmmmmmmmm. Think I’ll come back later.


Passing the small-goods, the glorious smokey smell of ham, continental sausages, cheese, olives and salami, love this great aroma!


Oh look, the fresh Atlantic salmon is on special…50% off…gosh, now that is a good buy. I’ll come back to that as well the celery after I have all my other stuff. Through the tinned goods, around to packaged cereals, no…too much sugar and salt,  I’d rather yoghurt and fruit for breakfast.


Down the next aisle full of personal items, soap, toothpaste, vitamins, deodorant yes, I need deodorant, into the trolley it goes.  Down to toilet paper wow, four dollars off, that will make some bum happy, I’ll come back to that as well.


The freezer section, ice-cream, I have to avoid that, far, far too addictive for me.  Mind you, some French vanilla would be lovely.  Be strong, be strong, save my money for the specials, what were they?


Oh yes, Celery on special, 50% off fresh Atlantic salmon and toilet paper only $3.50.  It is a rule of thumb with toilet paper isn’t it?  No matter how much you have at home, if it is on special, buy it!

It’s a bit like being on a tourist bus.  If you see a toilet, you go regardless because you never know when the next wee opportunity will come.


Time passes. Your trolley has as most of the things you normally buy at normal prices. Time to retrace your steps and pick up the ‘on-special’ toilet paper, Atlantic salmon and the luscious celery.  

The hunter gatherer of the 21st century is on a roll with the tools of a trolley and a piece of plastic whilst taking advantage of opportunities of price drops and modern products.


However, while gathering we return to the toilet paper. All that is left are the rolls at normal price, then to the fresh Atlantic salmon, all that is left are the small and left-over pieces.  What of the celery? It still looks fresh but only smaller bunches looking a bit battered having been squished under the weight of the really good bunches.

 So, in a manner of speaking, the hunter and gather’s game or quarry had bounded away never to be seen again.

So the question is do you want:

      • Celery at 75 cents or $1.25 a bunch
      • Atlantic salmon at $6.00 or $12.00 a pound
      • Toilet paper at $3.50 or $5.00


      • Recognise opportunities when they arise
      • Accept opportunities when they arise
      • Allow for an opt-out option just in case

It is important to recognise and act on opportunities when they arise.  

If things you normally use are on special, put them in your trolley now. As the checkout is approached, if you decide you don’t want them, you can always put them back.

However, without putting them in your trolley in the first place, there is no choice of keeping or disposing of the products. Not making a decision when the opportunity arises will prohibit or limit your options.



Standing by the ocean, the cool icy water brushes against, over and under your feet.  The water continually washes the sand away from under you. Whilst standing still, it is not long before you are calf deep in water. Without moving your feet, you sink deeper and deeper. Constant change to which we must adapt, this is life.  We must move our feet to the sands of time.

As humanity is undergoing continual and constant change, the best chance for survival is to recognise, accept, adapt, grow and move forward.

Those who recognise, accept, adapt, grow and move forward are those who recognise opportunities and act upon them without delay.  

Those who act upon opportunities are those who hold the best chance for survival, positive progress and success.

V L.

©V L. Verdéaux 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019