Changes of Latitude – Changes of Attitude

Changes of Latitude and Attitude –  Constants in Life

The above image depicts one who steps beyond personal time trod boundaries, daring to reach an unknowable world to experience entertainment, pastimes, practices and new ways of thinking beyond the tired old path of seeing the same kind of movies, theatre, music, art and books and, thinking the same old way.

Are you open enough to venture forth to seek and experience the unknowable?

What is ‘latitude’? A dictionary or thesaurus may define or provide clarity on ‘latitude’ as being related to freedom, parallel, latitude or longitude location.

Geographically, maps or diagrams of Earth are lined with latitude and longitude which when interacting, are able to provide global locations. Latitude is horizontal and longitude is vertical. An example is that Nice in Italy shares the same latitude of 39° North with Toronto Canada.

The location of the Mason Dixon line in the USA is 39.7167°N by 75.7833°W  and is the official geographic/geometric location of the Pennsylvania, Maryland border.

The tropic of Capricorn is located at approx. 23.26’14.0°”N and the Tropic of Cancer is approx. 23.26’14.0°”S and the Equator is 90°N.

The above are facts. However latitude is different from having latitude.

Latitude is also related to freedoms not limited to the freedom of people physically moving around from place to place, from various latitude and longitudes and, making their own decisions in life.

We all know that our lives can be transient. We may be born in one house, the family moving to another house, city, state or country. Many of us are not able to count on one hand where we have lived.

However, the mind is the same. Our minds are able to change our latitudes and longitudes in the way we think about things such as holding the same faith, religions, political or other opinions from the beginning of our life to the end. Throughout our lifetime, we change our attitudes and our latitudes.

We, as humans tend to stagnate in our beliefs, attitudes and practices.

We tend to favour the same thoughts and practices continually through life whilst not moving very far from their standard mental latitude or longitudes. In other words, we often fail to change our habits, experiences or the way we think.

Consider the following:

Following parallel lines, we live, eat, dress and follow sports and recreational activities according to our experiences which are garnered through years of adaptation from cultural and childhood practice. Thus, we follow horizontal latitudes which may never waver as we remain on the same path.

At times, we experience events that affect our mental latitudes that cause us to alter our mindset and attitudes. Events, unexpected may see us presented with confusion, disillusion or unsurity of our minds.

This is the representation of our subconscious lateral thoughts are driven or being influenced by external stimulus. The external stimulus may be others opinion such as things we read and see and experience in our normal sphere. This is a display of the lateral mind in action, degrees of latitude.

Degrees of latitude all in the same place, however we try to control it by hanging onto our old attitudes an latitudes and thereby rarely divert from our mental self or cultural programmed route.

Consider what happens if you open your mind to other pathways, ideas and images. By mentally venturing into things we have never tired, new films, concerts, artists, foods, music and places we have never been. Imagine how wonderful it must be to step from the normality of the everyday latitudes and longitudes. Imagine how may wonderful inexperienced thoughts we may have and what those thoughts generate.

This is demonstrated by the lyrics from the song ‘Windmills of Your Mind’. from the film ‘The Thomas Crown Affair. Lyrics by Alan Bergman and Marilyn Bergman, music by Michel Legrand and sung perfectly by Noel Harrison.

Published on Mar 15, 2010

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Albeit the forgoing may have been a lengthy introduction to Changes of Latitude however it was necessary to make these highlights to emphasise the importance of Changes of Attitude.

As discussed, our minds tend to follow a continual and never-ending latitudinal path only altering to the external stimulus of others thoughts, opinions and of course, our experiences. This can be limiting. Consider what happens when we step away from the ‘…never-ending spinning wheel’ and adventure into the realms of a 3D ‘esque’ mind picture or journey through our mind as a sphere.

Allow your mind to step away from the flat plane latitude and take a different tangent. Cut through the centre of the sphere, make varying curves, circles, twisting and turning, drive or drill deeper to the core and emerge elsewhere with a vastly more experienced and knowledgeable viewpoint of the world.

By stepping away from the confines of longitude and latitudinal paths of thinking, making changes of attitude allows one to mentally and spiritually grow fuller and faster than sticking to the norm. In growth, you will become more worldly and appreciate what alternatives of enjoyment are on offer in this wonderful world.

For example, when thinking about planet Earth, try seeing not only the shape and the continents as a whole, try and focus your mind on what is below the soil, what makes the soil, what are the clouds doing, trees, grass, cats, dogs, buildings, cars, traffic, people i.e. wherever and, whatever.

Try going to a different cinema, perhaps an Art House cinema, or attend a pop concert, attend an amateur play, go somewhere different on your holiday, eat food you have never tried.

Imagine what it would be like living on another planet in which case, how would you decorate the living room?

Go the ballet, opera or go and see a B grade movie it does not matter, just step from limiting confines that deter you from growth.

Life is not only about excellence, because for excellence to exist there must be the opposite i.e. in-excellence or sub-standard. Everything is a dichotomy, has an opposite. These are examples of thinking differently and freeing up the mind to other opportunities.

Changes of Latitude – Changes of Attitude leads to deeper thinking, understanding, knowledge and, widening of mind.


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