I am V L. Verdeaux.  I have been writing academically for many years but now, the time has come to publish materials to enhance your reading, inspire your intellect, enrich your life and, have fun.

My first book, the first in my biographic crime series takes place in Toronto, Geneva and Montreal. The first book is entitled: Finding Olivia: Moose on the Diving Board.

There is intrigue, murder, fraud, sex, drugs and rock and roll..well..maybe not the drugs but there is a love and sex, fast cars and a little jazz, oh…and a side trip to Niagara Falls.

Finding Olivia: Moose on the Diving Board is based on a Swiss woman, a wealthy art historian and undercover Interpol agent. She investigates art fraud taking place in a well known art gallery in Toronto.  Whilst in Toronto, she takes the opportunity to meet her online and telephone lover whom she has never met in person.  So, there is also love and romance!

Art          YEP

Love      YEP

Sex       YEP

Murder    YEP

Intrigue      YEP

Cars and Car Chase     YEP


Most of my writings are influenced by events and experiences in my life which have been eventful and at times rather exciting.

I am currently living in Australia and am involved in the University and Education sector.  I although I also feel home is Canada.

Most of my time is spent writing books and stories however I have a bent for common sense philosophy that address normal every day issues and problems we all encounter. Some of these are and others will be published on this website.  So Folks, watch my blogosphere!

I love to think of stories, I love to write and, I love to read.

So, now I have launched my website, I am about to sink into my favourite chair with a bookand, read.


V L.