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V L. Verdeaux


Welcome to my world!

I am a woman of passion, desire and imagination.

Writing, singing, dancing etc. and the expression of ideas, dreams and concepts is a critical part of all our lives.

I have many stories, and the ability tell those stories.

An extraordinary life of many adventures has taught me much.

In this, my V L. Verdeaux blog/web page there are short stories (some philosophical, some not) and some funny or amusing pieces with amusing characters.

I have also included a brief overview of my first novel and later this year, my second.

In the Beginning

My first step to adult writing commenced with my academic research and studies.

The second step was light philosophical musings and short stories.

Now, my third and perhaps the final step are my novels which I like to think of as being very different from the general mainstream.

The first book I wrote was a university text book on Information Science Research and Digital Literacies of Undergraduate Students. It has been published, however a more comprehensive version is available free.  Send me an email and I will provide the url.

However, I digress.


I now write crime fiction novels with a female protagonist.  They are based in Canada, the U.S.A., Australia and Spain.  I have a future book planned which may also include Malta.

All my novels have a twist.  What is that twist?

Well, for the twist, you will have to read the first book in the Mauricé Rénoude series –  Finding Olivia: Moose on the Diving Board.

Sylvia Belcanto: Snow Geese Under Glass is the second novel, almost completed.

The third?   Well…you will have to wait for that.

The Mauricé Rénoude series is a continuing story based on two characters: Mauricé and Olivia.  Continuing through the series of books, the principal characters remain with additional characters added and varying criminal adventures.

Although each book continues the basic story line, there are new adventures that continues Mauricé on her quest to find the bad guy and see him brought to count for his misdeeds.

The Mauricé Rénoude series currently consist of six books.  Work on the third novel commences towards the middle of 2018 (very soon).

So readers, welcome to to my site, a world of women, crime and criminals and, romance.


Oh, and I am looking for an agent.

My life, my world, V L. Verdeaux’s world, is full of adventure, crime romance.  In short, Inspiration!


V L. Verdeaux

© V L. Verdeaux 2018


P.S. I also have a bent for common sense philosophy that address normal every day issues and problems we all encounter. Some of these are and others will be published on this website.